How to Redirect naked domain to www in Blogger Site? If you have a problem with the redirection of the non-www to the www version of your URL example : (not work) (work) (work) (work)
Use the following helper tutorial. You can redirect all of the requests for domain to by modifying your website's settings from Blogger Dahsboard. However there are times when we cannot access the address because of the configuration on blogger and also the domain provider
This problem has been widely discussed in the Google discussion forum but many are still confused and have not succeeded with the solution offered because it is unclear. Here I will clarify the tutorial of this problem, I have tested this tutorial myself and succeeded 100%

In real your Google hosted domain redirects to third-party domains nothing else. As a result when you type then it works fine.

As a result we have to solve this issue by enabling https non-www to redirect features in our Blog. And this is very easy to activate.

Step # 1: Log in to your Blogger Account and Go to your Blogger Dashboard
Step # 2: Click on -> Settings -> Basic->
Step # 3: Now locate the Blog Address. Uncheck redirect to

Step # 4: Turn Off HTTPS Availability
Step # 5: Log in to your Domain Account and Go to your DNS Zone Configuration, in the tab HOST delete all configuration and add one off this IP, in this case i use IP
Step # 6: Go back to blogger, Check redirect to Click Save
Step # 7: Turn On HTTPS Availability and wait a few minutes until can be accessed normally

Now type your domain URL without www (e.g. in a web browser and see your domain is automatically redirected to ( and can be accessed normally.

That it's https non-www to https www. Redirect Problem in Blogger now solved. The main benefits of using this redirect is that the majority of users while trying to enter into a website then they start the web address with www. Now you can access your website use all existing addresses. Thanks for visiting, dont forget to share this article.

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